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The bank opened on July 19, 1884. The papers were made out to James Sweet and Company. At this time, the bank was called “James Sweet and Company”. The first office opened in the Chicago Lumberyard. In the fall of 1884, unfortunately James did not have any more interested customers. In September 1885 the bank’s assets were sold to The Bank of Talmage, and the name was changed to “The Bank of Talmage.” By the fall of 1885, it was successfully operating under a capital of $20,000 with a surplus of $4,000. A substantial bank building was erected in 1886.

In 1912 the bank was remodeled into the current structure it holds today. Because of the need for new technology and more office space, the bank was remodeled again with an addition in 1993. The Bank of Talmage became affiliated with Randolph State Bank, of Randolph, Iowa in the 1990’s. In 2005 both the Bank of Talmage and the Randolph State Bank changed their name to Tri-Valley Bank to reflect their common ownership. In 2009 the bank celebrated their 125th Anniversary. On October 15, 2009 the bank was sold to a group of investors from Nebraska including the current President, TiAnn Allen, and the name was changed to Tri Valley Bank (without the dash).

During the summer of 2010 the interior of the bank was updated with new furniture, paint, and carpeting. The teller line and the old grandfather clock were refinished and the old screen door was replaced with a new glass door. Stephanie was able to bring her dad out of retirement and we now have a beautiful new brick planter out front. We also have a wonderful new Tri Valley Bank sign above our front door. Stop by and say hello!

The current employees are:

Lori Kirchhoff, President
Judy Eichenberger, Vice President\Cashier
Theresa Heye, IT Administrator
Drew Beers, Vice President
Terri Krause Assistant Cashier

What makes a great bank?

Our people are what set Tri Valley Bank apart. We work hard to deliver competitive financial services and provide responsive, local decision making.

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