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At Riverstone Bank (formerly Tri Valley Bank) we make Banking simple. Checking accounts are free. There is no service charge for direct debits or credits through the Automated Clearinghouse system (ACH).

You may apply for a debit card to use with your checking account. If your application is accepted, you may incur charges from the use of the debit card. Such charges are disclosed in a separate statement upon application for a debit card.

The categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those created by any of the following means: check, draft, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means. Any other charges that you may incur are disclosed in a separate statement given to you with this notice. Please read the disclosures that come with your signature card for other terms regarding this account.

We allow electronic check transactions to post to your checking account.

You may order printed checks from us or from any other source. Our only requirement is that the MICR encoding of routing and account numbers be acceptable to all scanning equipment. If the checks you order elsewhere are of poor encoding quality, we will require you to obtain better quality checks.

You must deposit a minimum of $200.00 when opening a checking account.

Periodic Account Statements

Account statements are sent to you monthly which will include images of your checks.

What makes a great bank?

Our people are what set Riverstone Bank apart. We work hard to deliver competitive financial services and provide responsive, local decision making.

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